My main question in life is how may times did Frederick Chilton black his own eye when trying (and failing) to balance his cane on his hand when he’s bored in his office?


why am i not holding raúl esparza in my arms. why isnt this happenign for me.


otp: *stands next to each other*

me: holy shit


I saw this post and I just…I am not sorry at all.

More relevant than ever!


Chilton being a really affectionate drunk; like holding people’s hand, hugging a lot, plantin smooches left right and centre BUT ALSO TINY DRUNK AFFECTIONATE CHILTON CLIMBING INTO PEOPLES LAPS BECAUSE THERE’S NO OTHER CHAIRS AND HE WANTS TO SNUGGLE. Hungover Chilton deeply regretting going to a staff party.




If NBC Hannibal took place in the 80s, Chilton would be on really wild amounts of cocaine.

Or if the 60s, psychedelics. He could probably get pharmaceutical grade LSD.

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